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Stary 26-08-10, 08:37   #1
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Dirty society, dog bi man,MC, poor woman - a man and a woman with - for what?! - Table told me appreciate each other. love each other - NIE table to tell me where the other's a good point to attract their - tell me more table somewhere the other side you moved. make you admire - dog bi like. do not feel nausea?! do not think that fake you?! - children play sets, with the so-called \relations? ! - This set of children's purpose is to fight? ! - really had enough of the ridiculous. Naive. - a warm bed, roll, - what a dog would say bi - say,Miss you, not just to cater to the atmosphere at the time it? - left. . . . Oh good laugh. . - stupid man would think it was the happiest? - because it himself to the woman? - and women are for? Everything seems to be expected - control their own gratification. Themselves comfortable. Shuang. - after that? The man threw it? Dumped? - with a variety of so-called excuse you broke up? - Do you think it's only men? - despise. . . - every woman wants to get married later. My husband is a virgin - you now have relations with a man. Have you ever thought how this man do after? - yet so easy to Jiugen people: worship. - you go Karma chic ah. Oh, hello there courage. Do not you think this is very low and degraded it? ! - to be a woman, just as point woman. Mouth on the deal mean? - is not the performance of your impatience? Or are you tired of the precursor? - every woman has a possessive, have not you had. Also want all the bang at his side. - is your time so you do not treasure,cheap tiffany jewelry,Apparel Introduction (1), you are still not your want. - every time, bed roll. Each time, after the climax. Daily ..... - woman. Psychology is how you think? - every time you happy, you would like to Who? - when you can love a man seriously. - find the man himself when something will think of him, - all right, you thought of him? - that man needs to you, perhaps you are \ - beautiful face what's the use? So what to wear with fashion? - beautiful face is a false start. Fashion is installed through the beginning of bi. - Table holding their own hypocrisy capital. Mounted bi qualified to deceive ignorant people. - you do not feel dirty? People do not feel down appetite? - male contacts with the woman, is to perform exciting bed scenes. . . - bed scenes end,cheap pumas shoes, not on behalf of your end? - Ha ha. . . Simple and clear - male contacts with the woman is in bed rolling start. - after each taken. Chic waved. - play from the next person can have. - not afford, and also acknowledge your fate. - would prefer to believe something fishy in this world, do not believe that a woman with a foul mouth. - you are so worthy of attention toward her and just want her happy - you wholeheartedly for her to change everything. even her happy thing. You just run to all will do - and that woman? ever done for you, change your disdain for him. - until she needed was to go to bed. bed, then more lingering. After going to bed ..... bye! - a woman. Please respect their own. Do not be so easily to the man himself. - even if you love love him, but more than you love yourself. Because the bed of a woman ..... most hypocritical
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