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sushiswap.JPG.006f6aceca4b58f6ae93b1de2dec0afb.JPGushi.com to platforma oferująca potężne narzędzia DeFi, dzięki którym w pełni wykorzystasz swoje kryptowaluty i odkryjesz nowe możliwości tokenów i sposoby zarabiania na nich.

Dzieki wspolpracy c CMC (Coin Market Cap) mamy mozliwosc uzyskania darmowych tokenow na nasze konto w Binance.

Kampanie bedzie trwala od 22 to 31 lipca 2021. 


Odpowiedzi na pytania: 



Sushi.com helps you take advantage of your idle cryptocurrency by providing tools that earn you ____?


What do you need to unlock the power of DeFi on Sushi.com?

A wallet with cryptocurrency tokens in it

All of the transaction fees earned by Sushi are paid to whom?

The Sushi liquidity providers

If you want to provide liquidity to the SUSHI-WETH pair and have $100 in SUSHI tokens, what is the maximum amount of WETH you need?


What do you need to do first to become a yield farmer?

Provide liquidity

How are you paid for being a farmer on Sushi?

With xSushi tokkens

Becoming a farmer on Sushi has which benefits?

All of the above

Did you start your new income stream by Adding Liquidity to Sushi?


Na koniec dodajemy SushiSwab do listy obserwowanch na CoinMarketCap i wklejamy linka do naszej listy 😉



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